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Abba’s Girls

Abba’s Girls is a group of interdenominational women who are committed to building one another up as we grow ever-closer to our Lord. We have a retreat once per year and encourage one another on our public FaceBook Page.


Yes! I’m a Hope*Writer! Hope*Writers is a community of writers committed to bringing HOPE to a world that is often running on empty. If you’re a writer, or want to become one, I highly recommend becoming part of this organization.

BlogAbout Blogger Network

I’m thrilled to be a part of the BlogAbout Blogger Network! Blogging can be a lonely task and community is a blessing. If you are a blogger, consider joining the BlogAbout Network!

Tempe Vineyard Church

The Hubs and I are members of the Tempe Vineyard Church. We love this body of believers who believe in pursuing the Presence of God, the life of the adventurous disciple and the community where authenticity and caring for one another is paramount.