Get to know Ami


What she does, and why she does it.

I fell in love with Jesus at a young age as I watched Him move powerfully in my family. This was Someone I adored and I knew He adored me. 

Also at a young age, I knew I was a teacher and writer at heart. 

Parallel to all the beautiful things the Lord was planting in my heart, the enemy was doing some planting of his own and when I became a teen, all the insecurities and confusion drowned out my desire to serve God. My life took a painful turn as I tried to pursue my happiness apart from the One who had loved me so much. When I came out of that pit, I was scarred and wounded and wondering if the Lord who had adored the little girl could still adore the broken woman. 

I found that not only did He still adore me, He still wanted to use me. God’s call is persistent and He is unrelenting in encouraging us toward our purpose. His purpose was still my passion: to craft words which move hearts and minds with transformative Truths and to ignite believers with the knowledge that God knows and loves them and desires to see them live their lives in the fullest expression of God’s will for them. 

In my late teens, I began speaking for Arizona Right to Life and Crisis Pregnancy Centers following my own “crisis pregnancy.” After I married my husband, Tim, we taught marriage preparation classes for several years and parenting classes at our church for about 12 years. This was an amazing training ground, but my heart yearned for more: to open the Word of God and help bring it to life in the hearts of others. To that end, I received my Master’s Degree in Theology from Life Christian University and began preaching. 

For me, to teach God’s Word is to invite the Holy Spirit to speak into people’s lives and to encourage them that they can also hear Him for themselves. To teach is to be ignited with passion and to light the spark in another person so that their hearts burn to know their Abba with unquenchable thirst.

When Ami isn’t writing or preaching, she is usually enjoying her husband, three children and their spouses and her seven (and counting) grandchildren. She is a history buff and often has her nose in a book – always with a cup of tea nearby.