Crossing Dad’s Bridges

When I was a kid, my dad had this irritating little phrase. (Please note: the fact that it was irritating was my fault, not his!) He would pull out this aggravating little phrase when I would ask him questions about things to come like how were we going to be able to do something or get somewhere or even, “What’s for dinner?” His phrase was, “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” He generally said it light-heartedly, adding to my irritation. 

Didn’t Dad know that I needed to know these things now? It was important! I needed an answer. The truth was, “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” meant two things. One: I really didn’t need to know right then and, two: Dad had no idea how to answer me. 

I am a person who likes to have all her ducks in a row. Even as a stay-at-home mom of preschoolers, I had a planner. I like lists and schedules and fun things like that. I like planning and having things in order. Some say control-freak; I say super in charge, organized and efficient! You want to have fun? Great! Let me get my planner and make a list of what we’ll need! 

Obviously, my extra-organized self has had to learn a few things over the years about letting go and letting things just happen. I’ve learned the joy of spontaneity very well (when I’ve scheduled for it). I’ve learned to accept what I call, “curve balls” in my day. I’ve learned things pretty much work out even without getting everything done on my to-do list. 

It’s funny (not “haha” funny, but rather “Gee, now that’s annoying” funny), how things come back to you over the years. And that “bridge” phrase of Dad’s has certainly come back to haunt. Only now I hear my Abba saying it. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, Ami.” I must admit that though I’m still not particularly happy to hear Him say it, I do find two comforts in it. 

First, He always says “we” in the phrase. I know when the bridge comes, we will cross together. He will never leave me, but will hold my hand all the way. Second, unlike my earthly dad who said this when he didn’t know the answer, my Abba always knows the plan He has for me – and they are good plans! I don’t need to worry or get myself all worked up about what’s around the corner. He knows and He will be with me, no matter what. 

I came across this translation of Hebrews 13:5 today that I wanted to share. It is from the Bible translated by Kenneth S. Wuest, printed in 1959. It says, “…For [God] himself has said, and the statement is on record, I will not, I will not cease to sustain and uphold you. I will not, I will not, I will not let you down.” This translation accurately interprets the repetitions found in the Greek and reflects the emphatic nature of the promise our Abba gives to never leave nor forsake us. 

What a privilege to be able to rest in the knowledge that I have nothing to fear, nothing to worry about! I can release all my concerns for the future into the capable hands of my Abba and know that He will never let me down. What does the future hold? I have no idea! But I know Who holds it. And when the time comes, we’ll cross each bridge together. 

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” Jeremiah 29:11

Ami LoperComment