The Right Medicine

This is a strange thought perhaps. I was thinking about medication. 

Please, for the moment, lay aside our fairly universal belief that medications are largely over-prescribed and we should all just be eating better. Granted; but this is an illustration, so just go with it for the moment. 

I was thinking how often the medications we take can actually make us sicker, or instead of addressing the core issue behind our illness, can only treat a peripheral issue. We may think we are doing good things for ourselves, but without the wisdom to truly understand either our ailment or the medication, we may end up no better and sometimes we may end up worse off. 

When I get sick with a cold, there are very few remedies that I can take without reacting poorly. Most medications really mess with my ability to function. If I have sinus pressure or a fever, I can take ibuprofen. But ibuprofen will never make my nose stop running. You need a specific medication for that. 

Lately, I've been using my get ready time in the morning to listen to a different minister than I used to. He's wonderful, but I've noticed that although I learn a lot, he does nothing to teach about the attitude of gratitude and contentment that I am always trying to cultivate and keep at a peak level in my life. I need something else for that. 

The same is true, I have learned, of music. If I am needing to be encouraged in my spirit, I need to choose wisely what I put in. Even some Christian bands, though wonderful, have a melancholy edge that feeds my melancholy mood and does my spirit no good when I need to be focusing on the faithfulness and loving kindness of my Abba. 

Unfortunately, I often don’t realize I’ve taken the “wrong medication” until I am already suffering its ill effects. 

As a person who is always trying to hear the guidance of the Holy Spirit in deeper ways and in broader areas, I want to open my ears to hear what I need in the moment. He knows my heart and its broken places. He knows what “medicine” will heal and produce life and growth. When I can have access to that kind of wisdom for doing life well, why would I neglect to tap into it? 

This kind of constant listening and connection isn’t available to a few, it is available to all who are willing to value and cultivate it. 

Did you catch those two conditions? Value. Cultivate. Do we value the voice of God or are we thinking we can do things on our own? Do we cultivate a listening ear? It doesn’t come naturally for most of us to hear what is inaudible, but the discipline of learning to hear God’s voice will satisfy your soul like nothing in this world ever can. 

Feeling out of sorts? The Lord knows better than you do what the core issue is and what will cure it. He knows the broken places of your heart and what will heal them. Run to the Great Physician, who never prescribes the wrong “medicine.” 

“O LORD, you have searched me and known me!” Psalm 139:1

Ami LoperComment