Beautifully Impossible

Stuck. So often, this is the feeling over my life. Stuck. I can’t quit, but neither can I move forward. I know you’ve probably been there… or are there… or will be there.

It’s a frustrating feeling, but one I believe the Lord allows in order to focus us on where our hope lies.

There are times when I come to the place where all my obedient hustle accomplishes nothing, and that stuck feeling is amplified to the level of feeling imprisoned by impossibilities. It can begin to feel like I’m surrounded by walls of dense rock with nowhere to even maneuver.

But it is in the midst of all these impossibilities that I look up and see the God of the impossible for whom nothing is too hard. He is the God who comes through. And it is here, still surrounded by my icy cold walls of impossibilities, that I become grateful for this place. This is where my God shows off. This is where He makes a way out of no way. This is where He is glorified.

Have you ever felt stuck? - just absolutely wedged between the impossibilities of life? Look out! Something beautiful happens when everything feels impossible! #impossible #feelingStuck #ChristianBlog

Have you ever felt stuck? - just absolutely wedged between the impossibilities of life? Look out! Something beautiful happens when everything feels impossible! #impossible #feelingStuck #ChristianBlog

When I am obediently hustling and really making strides, that is a fun and energizing time. And yet, my doubting heart can begin to wonder who is making things happen. Is it my efforts? Is it God? In the easier moments, I am confident beyond all doubt that I am in His will, but I know that these times of ease of belief will not last forever. And when a dark night comes and I question the call, I need the confident assurance that only comes from watching God overcome the impossible moments that have come.

It is in the looking back and the seeing Him move that I am affirmed in my knowledge of His will – not just in that moment, but in the challenging moments to come. Those “only God could have done this” moments serve as memorials to my weak human memory. Just as the Israelites built memorials to remember the Lord parting rivers and defeating enemies, so we need these memorials built with the stone walls that now lay crumbled at our feet.

What are your impossibilities today? Whether it’s seeing your Promised Land, getting out of an impossible life situation, seeing that wandering child return wholeheartedly to the Lord, or just trying to make it to tomorrow, tell that situation to bow to the God of the Impossible.

My God does the impossible and I am His child, His beneficiary. I am His instrument in the earth, ready and willing to display His power against all the stone wall prisons in my life so that the next person may have faith for their stone wall prisons.

There have been moments, days even, when I have felt that the impossibilities are more my reality than God’s willingness to demolish them. When the Lord meets with Abraham and tells him that Sarah will bear a son, Sarah laughs. The Lord says, “Why did Sarah laugh?...Is anything too hard for Yahweh?” (Genesis 18:13,14). The phrase, “Is anything too HARD for Yahweh” could also be translated, “Is anything too WONDERFUL for Yahweh?” Isn’t that perfectly amazing? Not only is there nothing too impossible for our God, nothing too much of a challenge, but there is also nothing that is so wonderful that He cannot or will not do it for us. Our God loves us with unimaginable passion and there is nothing too impossible or too wonderful for Him to do in our lives!

 “Jesus looked at them and said, "With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God." Mark 10:27