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Be Still

I thought I could, through ample complaints and tears, pull God to my way of thinking. It wasn’t working. Instead, in the relative silence around me I heard, in my spirit, a voice speak so distinctly that I turned to see if it had been my dad in the kitchen two rooms away. This Voice did not speak words of comfort and reassurance, though I found comfort and reassurance in them. It did not speak an answer to my problem, though it was my answer for what to do right in that moment.

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If God is Your Teacher, What Kind of Pupil Are You?

The boy was talking a mile a minute, spewing out every excuse in the book, all while wearing a mischievous smirk. The frustrating thing is that he would have enjoyed the lesson had he not been so intent on playing this role he slipped into on a daily basis. Education requires great teachers, but it also requires pupils who are willing to learn. What kind of pupil are you?

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