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He’s Cheering You On

God knows, understands and has compassion for all you’ve been through. He will deal appropriately with the areas of your life where you’re weak and sensitive. At the same time, He desires healing and growth for you. How did the Lord show this to me at a coffee shop?

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Territorial Gods

As a young teen, I would worship God when the songs in church moved me, but when it came to finding love, controlling my tongue or being honest, I was moved by my feelings and my fears more than by God. How much of my life is still this way?

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If God is Your Teacher, What Kind of Pupil Are You?

The boy was talking a mile a minute, spewing out every excuse in the book, all while wearing a mischievous smirk. The frustrating thing is that he would have enjoyed the lesson had he not been so intent on playing this role he slipped into on a daily basis. Education requires great teachers, but it also requires pupils who are willing to learn. What kind of pupil are you?

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