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Wave Walkers

It’s way too easy for us to imagine that we will know what to do and how to react in the moments we are called to follow onto the waves. It all seems so straightforward from the sidelines. But it is in the stepping out that we find out what is really lurking inside our hearts and minds.

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The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is...

Fear is sneaky. It’s an emotion that, if not dealt with correctly, can bring about some of the worst consequences in our lives. Come give this blog a quick read to learn how fear can disarm you before you know what’s hit you. And then learn how to stand your ground!

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Doubting Your Fears

I used to be crippled by fear. Having been a fearful child, and then having been abused, threatened and stalked as a young adult, my filter saw everything through a lens of fear. But then a series of events began to expose the true nature of fear!

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