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Purpose in Loneliness

Most people go through a season of loneliness. When we are in the midst of it, we can feel we are the only ones to ever feel the sting of isolation and the rejection we think it implies. Yet we are not alone and there is a purpose to the season. Exploring and learning from this season not only ushers us out of the season, it will develop Christ-likeness if we allow it.

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The Secret Place

Ever want to get away? To escape the clamor of, not only the world, but your own roiling thoughts? I need a place where quiet overtakes my heart, where peace is permitted to invade and where I can be still enough to hear that Still Small Voice that is so willing to speak, but so easily drowned out...

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Seeing the Divine

How we view the people around us effects every interaction we have. And when we take our cues from how the world tells us to view people, we can find ourselves believing only what we're presented with on the surface.

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